"Challenges are what make life interesting and overcoming them is what makes life meaningful." JoshuaJ. Marine

Hi!  I am a single, self-employed dad. As someone who is very private and who hate's asking anyone for help, this is very difficult for me to say:

I am currently suffering from kidney failure. It is a chronic failure, not acute.That means that it has been and will continue to deteriorate over time.  My total combined kidney’s function are now less than 10% and continuing to decline. As a result, I am now on dialysis at home.

People can live with only one kidney without any degradation in health or style of living. Many people have only one functioning kidney and don’t even know it.

Although we are born with two kidneys, one healthy kidney is all that is needed to live a full, healthy, normal life.

Donating a kidney has become a common procedure, and is usually done laparoscopically. The donor generally goes home from the hospital after a few days and returns to normal life. There are absolutely no financial responsibilities to the donor. The operation is fully paid for by my insurance.  The donor goes through many tests to make sure they are physically and mentally ready to make the donation.

I am currently on the list for a donor kidney, but that is for a deceased donor, and the wait is estimated to be 8 years! A kidney from a living donor carries many benefits and usually lasts twice as long as one from a deceased donor. Although dialysis is an option, it is very hard on the body and significantly affects life style.  It can require from 4-8 hours a day 3-7 days a week. need a new kidney, and we hope you will consider being tested to be a donor. 

A Little About Richard



To see if you can donate, go to www.ucdonor.org and fill out the questionnaire.  Use my name (Richard Lazovick), as the recipient, and my birthday (4/13/62).

(Note:  For your privacy and  HIPPA, I won't know you tried unless you tell me.)

If you can help, please do. If you know anyone who might, please forward this on. Forwarding this to your family, friends, work, school, congregation, or any other communities you belong to would be most gratefully appreciated. 

If you would like to learn more about donating a living kidney to me, with no obligation, please feel free to contact me at rbl@sonic.net or 707-595-0866. You could also get more information at www.ucdonor.org (Birthday: 04/13/1962) or call 415-353-1551 and ask for a “UCSF Living Donor Coordinator” to

have a confidential conversation.

Me and my son Joshua